What is the Conection between Rock N Roll and Drugs?

“It’s crazy how this sound goes too well under MD! “Or” I can not dance if I am sober! “. How many of you have heard over the course of your nightly escapades these phrases that bring two polemical standards of youth: music and drugs. Have you ever wondered why these two subjects often go hand in hand? Between incitement and denunciation, here are some answers.

An instrument of mental exploration par excellence, drugs have always been for man a means of exacerbating his creative potential and even of being healed. The wine was used by the Egyptians, opium by the Sumerians 3000 BC and traces of the medicinal use of cannabis in China in 2737 BC On the artists’ side, Charles Baudelaire and Salvador Dali are two examples Prove how creative genius can be potentiated by various substances more or less harmful. The latter said “I do not take drugs, I am the drug”. Let us also evoke the artistic movement of psychedelia that appeared in the 1960s that valorizes the sensory perceptions of hallucinogenic psychotropic.

Does Drugs Increase Creativity? Opinions diverge on the question but still it is that its use is very widespread in the artistic circles. “The weed opened my mind and emotions, which led me to write more meaningfully,” says Graham Nash, a member of the American band Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. He goes on: “We were crazy. We smoked a joint and sniffed a line before each session. Also, Jim Morrison, the late singer of The Doors, said, “Why do I drink? To be able to write poetry “.

Do we have to take drugs to be an artist? Not necessarily, but the link between art and drugs is more to prove. To be convinced, look rather this series of self-portraits realized by an artist at the different stages of his trip to the LSD. The perception of his ego is so damaged that its renditions are strongly impacted.

A study in the Netherlands of 944 students aged 15 to 25 by Dr. Sharon Levy says that prolonged listening to high-volume music would increase your chances of drinking alcohol, using drugs, Have sex at risk. Mouais … It is true that gigantic musical gatherings have been the scene of joyful parties of collective depression. Woodstock is the highlight and even a totem for a whole generation. In August 1969 during 3 days, more than 450,000 spectators benefited from the performances of among others Jimmy Hendrix, Joe Cocker and Janis Joplin to enjoy the progress of chemistry. LSD, mescaline, mushrooms, hashish are all substances that have been consumed in this libertarian paradise. Jimmy Hendrix himself would have consumed LSD by putting it under his headband during his performance on stage.